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In Serviacero Especiales we are committed to our clients, guaranteeing them to be a reliable supplier under a quality and continuous improvement system with ISO 9001:2015 certification, offering them a wide range of products such as; carbon, low alloy and special steels (tool and stainless steel), non-ferrous alloys, engineering plastics, dimensional measuring equipment and instruments, to meet the production, maintenance and control needs of the metalworking and processing industry.

Our mission is to provide a service that exceeds our customers’ expectations every day, ensuring the profitability of our company.

We have six service centers located strategically in: León, Gto., Guadalajara, Jal., San Luis Potosi,S.L.P., Queretaro, Qro., Monterrey, N.L. and Tepotzotlan, State of Mexico.

Quality politics

Detect customer needs, do things right the first time, fulfill our commitments and continually improve our work and quality of life.

In Serviacero

We seek that collaborators are the triggers for change that lead to continuous improvement for the benefit of the entire organization and the collaborators that comprise it.

Quality ISO 9001:2015

Serviacero's Work System is based on the structure of the International Quality Standard ISO 9001: 2015, which establishes the best practices.

We believe:

that the best way to improve profitability is by offering solutions.