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What are industrial containers?

What is a container? Well, let's start by defining it, since this is a term that is used when referring to a container or container, which is used to store, transport and/or protect merchandise, products or materials. These can come in different sizes and shapes, it all depends on the product and the amount that will be introduced, among the most used are those for industrial use. Industrial containers are structures designed to store, transport and handle a variety of products and materials in industrial and commercial settings. These containers are built with resistant materials and are made to withstand rigorous conditions, such as handling with heavy machinery, transport in trucks or trailers, and shelter in warehouses or yards, where they must avoid damaging the environment; There are several types of industrial containers, and each one is adapted for different purposes and needs, there are cargo containers, which are used in logistics and the transport of goods, these containers are designed for transport such as trucks, which facilitates the efficient movement of products globally. Others would be storage containers, these are containers for specific products, they have characteristics in their interior and design, which prevent the materials found inside from suffering damage.

Speaking of an industrial and commercial context, Containers offer several significant advantages in transportation and storage efficiency that companies should consider when opting for the use of these said structures, since the containers are designed to be compatible with multiple modes of transportation. transport, such as marine, land or air transport, which facilitates the efficient and smooth movement of goods globally, as well as cargo security that allows you to perfectly handle international standards, since these have many facilities of handling that is of great support with customs security, in addition to the fact that some of the containers are sealed. They maximize the space that can be had in a production plant, because by standardizing the process of its use, it is possible to control the spaces and avoid accidents with loose materials.

In the automotive sector, containers play an essential role in the logistics and efficient transport of vehicles, components and related parts. Some of the most common uses of containers in the automotive industry are when it comes to transporting vehicles, since these containers are used to transport finished vehicles from the manufacturing plants to the dealers or exporters, this guarantees the protection of the vehicles. from damage during transit and facilitates loading and unloading. Sending and receiving parts and components, so they would have security and control over them.

The weight that industrial containers can support varies depending on several factors, such as the type of container, its design and construction, the safety and cargo regulations of each country. However, there are ranges of container load capacity, among the most common with a standard 20 foot container can support approximately 24,000 kg to 28,000 kg (approximately 53,000 to 62,000 pounds) of gross weight, including the weight of the container.

Serviacero ORBIS offers the customization of any type of container, thus being even more useful for whoever is going to use it, the size, interior, mechanisms, etc. can be varied, and this completely depends on the client, in order to satisfy their needs. and keep creating solutions.