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Robot Assisted Racks

It is increasingly common to hear that there are vehicle assembly plants or manufacturing factories almost totally assisted by robots, it seems that this is a revolutionary trend in the current industry, for this reazon in the case of steel packaging, it also incurs in updating according to the requirements of the custormers projects, either in the dimensions of the production lines, capacities, ergonomics, tolerances among many other factors. That is why Serviacero Orbis has invested in updating its material cutting equipment with laser cutting machines, which have a tolerance of +- 1mm, this adds a lot to the tolerances of a robot-assisted production line.

Accuracy in this type of rack is very important, because the robot is set up to take or place customer parts from the rack and the tolerances are minimal. The manufacture of these racks requires high precision, that is why Serviacero Orbis has a highly trained welding team to assembly these racks.

Design engineering plays a very important role, in order to ensure the correct manufacture of these product.

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