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Returnable packaging efficiency

Nowadays businesses are more competitive, taking into account  material costs, manufacturing costs, logistics, among many others, however a very specific part has to do with packaging costs and its efficiency, because it requires ergonomics, safety, load density, transport costs, traceability, among other factors. For this reason, it is important to partner with highly intelligent suppliers to add efficient ideas to the value chain. Serviacero Orbis provides advice, designs and manufactures packaging solutions according to the specific needs of each customer, offering solutions to the automotive, agroindustrial and construction industries, supporting the development of projects based on the project requirements, analyzing the cost / benefit factor at all times.

Serviacero Orbis is the only supplier of metal packaging that has the direct supply of 8"x3" tubular better known as HSS in 11 and 3/16 gauges, used in low profile racks to optimize the load capacity within th etrucks that transport automotive parts in racks designed and manufactured by Serviacero Orbis. Which brings an additional benefit in the internal storage of our customers plants.

If you know of metal packaging for the automotive industry, then you know that this is an essentiial material for the design of your metal packaging. By using this material in the design of the racks, it facilitates the use of forklifts and skid for the movement of the returnable steel packaging.

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