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Lean Culture

In Serviacero Orbis we practice and promote the Lean Manufacturing Culture, because we believe that in addition to being an added value, it´s a lifestyle that we practice day after day.

The Lean culture is a set of principles applied under the benefit of continuous improvement.

In recent months, Serviacero Orbis has been in constant training and awareness of the importance of Lean Cultura in our work and personal lives, applying continuously KaiZen's uninterruptedly with targets such as:

•Empowerment and contribution to achieve the company's vision.

•Continuous improvement of the process.

•Respect and development for all employees.

• Timely and efficient analysis and solution of problems,


All this with the aim of being the most reliable supplier of steel packaging solutions.

Lean culture consists of internalizing the tools in a way that does not represent any effort for an organization or its people to seek improvements, it really focuses on the non-conformity with the current situation and the endless search for continuous improvement.

The use of Lean tools allows us to respond quickly to customer requirements, the complete satisfaction of users and the flow of projects within our plant.

A key factor in the Lean Transformation is the habit, the habit of discipline, the habit of order and cleanliness, a habit is generated as a result of doing things within the system and above all motivation.


Serviacero Orbis is aware of the commitment and discipline necessary to carry out such a radical change as Lean Transformation, that is why we have the support of all our collaborators, each member of the Serviacero ORBIS team knows the result of the effort done today, that will be seen tomorrow; This is why the most important source in our company is our people, before building racks we build people.


The commitment of our team gives us the security of offering our clients just what they were looking for.

At Serviacero Orbis we are enemies of reworks and imperfections in our products, that is why we work under a continuous improvement approach, this allows us to streamline our operations.

In the use and implementation of the Lean Culture for a company, the client is the main benefactor  because we ensure deliveries, offering the best experience to our clients.