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Use of steel returnable packaging in the automotive industry

Have you ever heard of returnable packaging in the automotive industry?


They help transport car parts, including tires! These racks give us the security that everything will be transported in a safe way and will not damage the product, once the packaging is used, the cycle starts again. That is why they are returnable, thanks to the fact that they are made of steel, which is a very strong and safe material, you can use them as many times as necessary.


A car is the end result of a long chain of production and planning and contains thousands of different types of components, of various shapes, sizes and weights. The vast majority of a vehicle's components are manufactured by Tier 1 and Tier 2 suppliers to the OEMs. Returnable packaging plays a crucial role here, as it is used to constantly and uninterruptedly supply this loop between suppliers and assemblers.


In order for an automaker to produce vehicles efficiently and deliver them to the market on time, the plants must receive individual components from their suppliers.


Advantages of this type of packaging:


- Protection. Your valuable goods are better protected by rigid packaging.


- Safety. Airtight packaging protects against moisture and dirt.


- Customization. The shape, size and weight of the packaging can be modified to suit your individual needs.


- Environmentally friendly. The gradual reduction in the use of single-use packaging avoids the environmental damage it causes. In addition, more and more restrictive policies are being implemented to conserve the planet.


- Reduced costs. Maintenance and labor costs are reduced with reuse.


One of the most important points is that of the environment, since year after year, conditions are declining and most people are trying to take better care of the planet. Returnable steel packaging is the best option to continue transporting and producing products, trying to take care of the environment and reduce the carbon footprint. Today, the issue of sustainability is experiencing a real push and support, in the face of climate change and diminishing natural resources, consumers are looking more than ever to reduce waste and are opting for recyclable and reusable packaging options.


From an economic point of view, these efforts represent savings plans and increased sales for large and medium-sized companies. As efforts are made to improve supply chains, manufacturers around the world are turning to reusable and returnable packaging. From automakers to industrial automation, entrepreneurs are discovering that the use of reusable packaging is the future of logistics.


The best packaging solutions are those that can make the most of packaging space so that all products can be easily stored, while reducing packaging waste. Here at Serviacero ORBIS we help you create the most optimal packaging for your needs, including any mechanism or Dunnage that your product needs.