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Structural Steel (hot rolled pickling)

Hot rolled coils are pickled to remove the iron oxide layer produced during hot rolling, by running the coils through a series of tanks containing hydrochloric acid, thus leaving the surface clean and smooth. Coils are then oiled to prevent rust to be formed again on its surface.

Its chemical composition contains a little more carbon (up to 0.25%) which makes it have greater mechanical properties.

We have a wide variety of grades from low carbon steel for deep drawing, high strength low alloy (HSLA), which meet the requirements of international standards and automotive as ASTM, SAE, EN, GMW, NES, Ford, Chrysler, etc.

Structures, bridges, buildings.

Available services for this product:

  • Pickling and Oiling
  • Cut-to-Length
  • Slitting
  • Special Profiles and Shearing
  • Configured Blanking