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Leveling and Slitting in Multiblank

The leveling process starts from a master coil or strip. The steel is passed through a leveler with a set of working rollers, which correct the shape of the material (coilset, ripple, buckles, crossbow), improving the flatness of the material. Afterwards, it is cut to the required length, resulting in final products of sheets and/or blanks. In the sheet process, a master roll with the required final width is used, and the guaranteed tolerance is that of the roll from the mill. In the case of blanks, the master width undergoes a previous slitting process, which guarantees a tolerance in the width of +/-.005''.

The Multiblank process consists of combining a Leveling line with a Slitter, which allows for the simultaneous cutting of several blanks within the same line.

Cutting Capacity

We can level materials with a thickness range from 0.014'' to 0.500'' (.355mm-12.7mm), with an input width from 8'' to 72'' (203.2mm-1,828mm), and with a master roll weight of up to 30 tons.

We offer this service for these products

Structural Steel

Low Carbon Steel



Pre-painted (Siliconized Poly, White Line Poly)


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