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Leveling and Multiblanking

The leveling process consists of running the material through a leveler with a set of work rolls, which exert stress in the steel by bending it at different plunges (depth), which provides an improved flatness. Subsequently, coils are cut to the required length obtaining sheets and / or blanks. In this process, the width of the coil is not altered, therefore the tolerance guaranteed is whatever the mill the coil fed into the cut-to-length line was slit before, the width tolerance  would be + / - .005''.


Processing Capacity

 We process materials with thickness of 0.014'' to 0.500'' (0.355 mm-12.7mm), starting from coil widths of 8'' to 72'' (203.2mm-1, 828mm) and a coil weight of up to 30 metric tons (66,000 lbs).


We can process all types of carbon steel in our CTL lines as well as stainless and aluminum.


Available services for these products:

Structural steel

Low Carbon Steel


Aluminum Coated Steel



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