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At Serviacero Orbis, we design and manufacture Returnable Packaging, Metal Containers, and Racks with cutting, bending, welding, powder painting, and assembly processes for the industry. 

ORBIS Corporation, a subsidiary of Menasha Corporation, is a leading manufacturer of reusable and returnable products for use in a wide range of material handling applications. 

Quality Policy:

Detecting customers' needs, doing things right the first time, fulfilling our commitments, and continuously improving our work and quality of life.

Highly skilled human team:

At Serviacero Orbis, we have a highly skilled human team. That's why we have become the most reliable supplier in steel packaging solutions.

Our Values:

At Serviacero Orbis, we collaborate based on our values, such as Honesty, Reliability, Teamwork, Quality, Service Orientation, and Social Responsibility.

We design and manufacture packaging systems:

At Serviacero Orbis, we design and manufacture returnable steel packaging systems according to the specific needs of our clients.