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In Serviacero Orbis we design and manufacture returnable packaging solutions, containers and steel racks with cutting, bending, welding, powder painting and assembly processes for the industry. 

ORBIS Corporation, a subsidiary of Menasha Corporation is a leading manufacturer of returnable and reusable products for a wide range of material handling applications.

Quality Policy:

Detect our customer needs, do things right at the first time, .meet our commitments and continually improve our work and life quality.

Highly trained human team.

In Serviacero Orbis, we have a higly trained human team. That is why we have achived to be the most reliable supplier of steel packaging solutions.

Our Values:

In Serviaero Orbis we collaborate accordance to our values, such as: Honesty, Reliability, Teamwork, Quality, Service Orientation and Social Responsability.

We design and manufacture packaging systems:

In Serviacero Orbis, we design and manufacture returnable steel packaging systems according to the specific needs of our clients.