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Returnable SteelPackaging

In Serviacero Orbis we manufacture and provide a broad range of returnable metal packaging solutions, these, in addition to positively and amply impact on the internal logistics efficiency of warehouses as well as along the entire supply chain also represent a savings plan in the medium and long time.

Returnable metal packaging is an excellent option for all industries that represent a constant supply of products, this is attributed to several points.

1. Optimal cubage per truck

2.Warehouse efficiency

3.Easy handling 

All these conditions added together generate a savings plan as a result of a well thought investment, the returnable packaging adds savings such as

Operational and mechanical time and movements inside and outside the plant due to the ease of loading capacity.

Savings in space per m2 for storage, our Racks are stackable which means that you can stack one on top of the other saving space in the plant and taking advantage of the height space, this favors our customers as they can consider less space for storage and use it for a process that adds value to them.

Reduction or elimination of rework and waste generated by conditions or acts that cause damage to the parts mainly in transportation and storage processes.

Optimization of routes and transports, our customers plan their production plans based on the parts needed for a particular place and time, in Serviacero Orbis we offer solutions of bags, boxes, combs and accommodations to carry the maximum number of parts from point A to point B without compromising the integrity of the same.

In terms of durability, the racks and containers that we manufacture in Serviacero Orbis are considerably superior to any other packaging in different materials, the resistance we offer provides a long life in our products.

The durability of our products can be represented in different ways depending on the industry we are talking about. In the automotive industry we can represent a complete production program for a specific platform, this with its due maintenance; it can even be used for a similar part or platform, this with the respective minimum changes that this represents.

In the agri-food industry can last a large number of harvests and transports in a given time and environmental conditions, this given by conditions that we offer, such as galvanized by immersion or filtration of liquids through slopes or holes made in the structure or floor.

In conclusion, the optimal design and correct planning in returnable metal packaging solutions represent a 100% profitable investment for our customers, the intention of Serviacero Orbis is to represent a solution for our customers, whether it is a savings plan, a warehouse efficiency or an optimization of transportation.