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Latest generation packaging

The evolution of vehicules has taken a radical turn in the last years, from lighter and stronger autoparts,to cars assisted by robots, which has taken designers and manufacturers of auto parts packaging to new horizons, interacting with new materials and new ways of packaging the parts produced and even the way they are transported. These materials can range from carbon steel, last generation plastics, galvanized and even aluminized finishes according to what has to be transported.

Serviacero Orbis is no exception, this company located in the heart of Mexico, designs and manufactures packaging for the transportation of auto parts. Their Racks are exported to North America and they work with the main and newest automotive assemblers.

The racks that Serviacero Orbis manufactures contain Dunnage of the highest quality, supported by Orbis Shield. The Dunnage secures and protects customer parts so that handling of the parts for which the rack is designed is flawless. 

Another important factor is ergonomics. At Serviacero Orbis, we take into account the operation in the handling of the pieces to provide the best ergonomic design and facilitate the operation of our curtomers, seeking the safety of the operators who use our racks.

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