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When to use pallets in my company?

When to use pallets in my company? 

In the industry multiple means of transportation and storage are used for the materials manufactured or used by each company, these developments are always analyzed and developed according to the specific need, which guarantees the integrity and optimal protection of the materials. 

An example of this type of packaging are the pallets, which have a very wide versatility in design and manufacturing materials, this type of packaging is as versatile as the application needs it. There are plastic, wood, metal, etc. pallets. 

In Serviacero ORBIS, we focus on developing projects that help our customers to have a cost benefit when managing a packaging and pallet issues is no exception. We develop and manufacture metal pallets with the highest quality and efficiency necessary for each customer.

When should I use pallets? 

A pallet can help you to handle each one of your products within your plant, whether you are looking for a specific or a bulk arrangement, you can go from the simplest to the most complex. It can be a pallet to support a light or moderate load or a pallet whose structural demands push it to the limit under extreme specifications.

In colloquial terms, "the limit will be the imagination", a great advantage offered by the pallets developed in Serviacero ORBIS, is that in addition to the resistance offered by the metal, it is an excellent option to contribute to the environment, since, compared to a metal pallet, we get a much longer life in comparison. And this helps us to reduce the felling of trees. That is why as a solutions company we go beyond manufacturing a pallet, but we help you develop an application that is profitable and shows a benefit to both your company and society.

What are the advantages of using pallets? 

● Serviacero ORBIS pallets are known for their great resistance, solid construction, etc., which means that they can support large loads, offering a reliable solution when transporting goods in different environments.  

● Unlike plastic or wooden pallets, steel pallets will not be affected by sudden climatic changes, e.g. extreme humidity or insects.  

● Steel pallets are very versatile, so they will be able to adapt to your needs in a wide range, they stand out for the ability to meet logistic needs, in addition, their design allows great optimization in warehouses, facilitating inventory management.  

They will be a smart choice for those looking for robust and versatile solutions, pallets will be a great essential tool for your company, where efficiency and sustainability are priorities. 

● They contribute to the environment, having a considerable lifespan of up to 50 years due to the material it is made of, you not only protect the environment, but also your investment. 

● It will allow you to concentrate a large amount of merchandise and allow forklift transportation to be more effective and simple. 

Finally, although initially slightly high in cost, pallets will offer an excellent return on investment in the long run, due to the durability and strength. It will have a great ability to withstand logistical and environmental challenges, they are a smart choice for companies looking to improve their efficiency, durability and sustainability in their operations. Serviacero ORBIS, is qualified and trained to create a solution to your need.