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Dual-Phase Steel(DP)

It is the product obtained from the cold reduction of pickled hot-rolled sheet. This results in an excellent surface finish (roughness specific) and thickness control. These steel coils pass through an annealing process at high temperature to regenerate the internal structure and achieve specific mechanical properties.

It is an advanced high strength steel. It is called dual phase because of the internal structure formed by a ferrite matrix with islands of a second phase martensite. This structure enables to achieve high strength with good formability (tensile strength of up to 980 Mpa) fatigue resistance, as well as a large energy absorption capacity. It is mainly used in the automotive industry in parts of the chassis.

We have a wide variety of grades from low carbon steel to deep embossed, high-strength steel to low alloy (HSLA) including high strength steel (Dual-Phase) which meet the requirements of international standards and automakers such as ASTM, SAE, EN, GMW, NES, Ford, Chrysler, etc.

Automotive parts (reinforcement of doors, poles, brackets defenses).

Available services for this product:

  • Cut-to-Length
  • Slitting
  • Shearing
  • Special Profiles and Shearing Blank