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Dual-Phase Steel(DP)

It’s obtained from the cold reduction of pickled hot-rolled steel. The result is an excellent surface finish and thickness control. These steel rolls undergo a high-temperature annealing process to regenerate the internal structure and achieve specific mechanical properties.


It is an advanced high-strength steel called dual-phase because its internal structure is formed by a ferrite matrix with islands of a second phase, martensite. This structure allows it to achieve very high strength with good formability (tensile strength up to 980 MPa), fatigue resistance, and a high energy absorption capacity. Therefore, it is mainly used in the automotive industry for chassis parts.


We have a wide variety of grades that meet the requirements of international standards such as ASTM, SAE, EN, NES, etc., as well as automotive standards: GMW, Ford, Chrysler, etc.


Automotive parts (door reinforcements, pillars, bumper supports).

We offer the following services for this product:

  • Leveling
  • Slitting to Width
  • Multiblanking
  • Special Profiles and Bending
  • Configured Blanking