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Pickling Line

This process consists of removing the iron oxide layer formed on the steel during hot rolling. The removal is done by running the steel through a series of tanks that contain hydrochloric acid that chemically remove the iron oxide. The chemical reaction is a combination of temperature, acid concentration and time (speed of the line). Afterwards, the steel is rinsed with water, dried with air and oil is applied to prevent rust from forming again. Finally it is recoiled again for further processing.


Our line is a state-of-the-art equipment with the latest technology in pickling, oiling and in-line shape correction. The line is a push-pull system that gives us flexibility in our scheduling. Finally our line also has a pre-wash section to re-pickle coils that need reprocessing both for rust removal and shape correction.

Line Capacity

Our Pickling line can run coils of up to 30 metric tons (66,000 lbs), with a thickness range of 0.059”- 0.500” (1.27mm-12.7mm) and widths from 36'' to 72'' (914.4mm-1,828mm). By being a Push-Pull line our production batches can be small.


We can process all types of hot rolled carbon steel in our P&O line.


Avilable services for these products:

Structural Carbon

Low carbon Steel

High Strength Low Alloy Steel

Dual-Phase Steel

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