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Slitting consists in cutting a wide coil into narrower slit coils by running them through a slitter head with circular knives. Contingent upon width, thickness and hardness of the material it is possible to obtain slit coils from 0.500” to 72” from 1 to 27 simultaneous cuts.


Processing Capacity

We have capacity to process material with a minimum thickness of 0.010” to 0.250” (.254 mm-6.3mm) from a maximum coil width of 72” (1.828 mm) that can be slit to widths of 0.500” to 72” (12.3mm-1, 828mm) with a tolerance in width of + /- .005'' (+/- 0.127 mm).


We can process all types of carbon steel in our slitting lines as well as stainless and aluminum.

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