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Benefits of steel construction

Steel as a construction material is widely used due to its rapid placement, and its optimal properties. As it is an industrial product, its quality is good and its benefits when building facilitate assembly and transport, that is why it is used all over the world.

Over time, the mechanical and physical properties of steel have allowed a valuable advantage over other materials for construction, due to the fact that it is homogeneous and uniform, facilitating the joining of various members by means of various types of connectors, being easier to carry out extensions and allowing modifications or changes in the project.

Structural steel in buildings allows structures to be lighter. The sections of columns and beams are smaller than those of concrete, allowing wider interior spaces with less weight in the structure, transmitting less impact of load-bearing to the ground, allowing more economical foundation solutions.

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Additionally, steel is a 100% recyclable material, therefore, construction with steel represents one of the best construction options compared to other materials.

Structural steel construction is used around the world. This vision and the steel strength have achieved cases such as Great Britain, where steel construction is almost 70%, while in the United States of America, it is 60%. In Mexico, only 20% of the construction is made with steel.

That is why we conclude that all the benefits obtained in making a construction with a steel structure are very attractive, emphasizing the ease of assembly, as well as the speed of installation and eliminating unnecessary time.